Friday, June 02, 2006

Fixing stuff

How much difficult it is to fix some stuff in life? can you not undo some mistakes. I have come across one of these incidents recently and realized that people can not fix certain things without hurting any one's ego/respect or feelings.

So, I realized that if I made some one do something for my sake, it will certainly won't look good. But if some one is really realizing that mistake has happened then the best way is to understand the mistake. And keep it to yourself. At least its good that some one at least realized the mistake.

But on the other hand - keeping that to your self does not fix the problem. You yourself understand that its okay  to leave the matter as it is. But the way it looks to other you have not done anything about fixing the stuff. So they expect you to fix the stuff and actually its impossible for you to go and talk to everyone on this matter and let them understand that it was mistake and this is why it happened (give each one of them individual explaination!)

So explaining that to everyone is not again a solution.. So what I am wondering is - what is the real solution for this? .... thinking...

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