Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Webspher Saga

So recently(ummm been two months now), I have been asked to install/configure websphere application server on one of server over here in Bangalore.

Our app is kind of complex, because it talks to many other applications using JMS and dumps data on queues! Rest of it is pretty straight forward.

But - here is what happened

  1. We got Java VM hanging with thread core dump
  2. We got duplicate class error when there was duplicate class
  3. We could talk to MQSeries
  4. We got database problems

Here is what we did - we searched google, it helped alot, but crux of the whole issue is that you can not even think that there can be duplicate class error because of a bug in Websphere - and on top of that, you have to give permissions for queue manager even if you have security turned off.

Basically - we had to patch websphere + java again and again to resolve these issues.

I am frustated!


Anonymous said...

Well.. the way websphere is! deal with it

TreasureHuntOrg said...

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Vishal Sharma said...

Thats a problem with commercial s/w.
I always believe we should try more and more open source s/w, at least that way we can digg on our own if something goes wrong.