Tuesday, February 13, 2007

JNDI and Active Directory

So, I wrote Active Directory Self Servicing application for my company. My good collegue (Barrow) always insisted that I should write in Java using jLDAP, but I always thought that its good to have MS Technology to access Microsoft Active Directory.

Things went perfectly fine and I enjoyed writing application in ASP.NET 2.0 with C#. But my good collegue still did not want to use it, just because we have to manage one app in .NET and rest all apps in Java. He insisted on porting this App to Java.

I tried to use Novell jLDAP, but that did not work at all for functions like reset password for user and getting multivalue attributes. I might be wrong, but at least I did not find any examples for that.

So finally we came across forums as http://forums.java.sun.com and started looking at JNDI examples. I have completed the rewrite of the app. (It was not port). But I faced lots of issues to write things in plain JSP compared to plain ASP. I must accept that Microsoft Visual Studio.NET + ASP.NET 2.0 is kind of much more advanced compared to plain JSP. But when I look at JSP, and I started wondering that Sun wrote this technology at least 6 years ago and MS is still catching up on that.

Finally today, I have two versions on Same app on is on C# and another is on Java. A good satisfying experience.

Thank you Barrow!


ranjith said...

sounds good! do you mind posting some non-IP parts of that application as a little getting started guide?

Ajey said...

what do you want to know? do you want me to publish code or something like that

Sriram Narayanan said...

Nice to know of this development :)

Is this them same ASP app that you'd shown me once (type ahead for text boxes) ?

BTW, Sun had licensed JSP technology from ATG (Art Technology Grup)

Here's some info on this:

Guru said...

Hey i am from Banda!

i also associated with some web developing work with your nearest friend.. guess!

well i saw you site it seems good...

good luck...

Guru! *//--->

Zaid Mahvy said...

This seems interesting. Can you share the code for .Net? What web reference did you do to make the .Net tool?