Tuesday, August 23, 2005

World is what you see around!

So, another funny story - Uncle Sam's Country - we all know all about Uncle Sam, but the problem is Uncle Sam thinks that the world is Uncle Sam and that means Uncle Sam knows about the world and anything which is not into Uncle Sam's world is not get involved in Documentories like "World's Most Beautiful Models" or "Worlds worst earthquakes" - keeping this thought aside that earth quakes are always worst - if happens on earth it shakes building and if inside the sea then we have to face 60 Feet High water wall on our sea shores. Any way! leave that thing - lets talk about "world is what you see around!"

So, last night I was watching some serial, one was on Channel 4 and another was on 5 - "world's most beautiful models" included Iman, Veruschitka, Cyndi Crawford and many more - but one thing was common, either they were settled in Uncle Sam's country or Born in Uncle Sam's country. So I think we should stop conducting Miss World and Miss Universe competetions and pick from World's Most beautiful models! and only magazine they know about is "Vogue"

any way! next was - EarthQuake, I think all earthquake - which can be called UncleQuake, occur only at San Franscisco, once in Florida and sometime Australlia" what about Japan? no if they do not count 7 on rictor scale or may be victor scale, they do not count? chuck india! we lost 20,000 men in last earthquake! but 798 is a huge number of casulalities! sometimes - I feel that discovery channel, only understands what Nasa Does! may be I am jealous, but sometime I feel very very surprized when one person asked me "do you really have Tar roads all around India?" I answered saying except few villages, then the person asked but I heard that India is 90% made of villages! thats the fact I love.

I have more to say about what happened on Talkers Corner in Hyde park last sunday = 20th August 2005, but that might appear in next post as I am still waiting for those crazy pictures from Rohan.


ROhan said...


I saw the "Worlds best models" Show too !!

hehe ..
will send u the pics of the 'Speakers corner' soon !!!

Anonymous said...

The point about most roads in India not having tar is valid. Just look around and see the pathetic state of roads in India - they suck dude.

Anonymous said...

UncleQuakes sounds like some dessert at a fast fooder in the Midwest.