Thursday, August 18, 2005

Who writes code?

At the heart of every development department of a IT enabled company, there lives an architect and/or a tech lead! The story is interesting, its about struggle to write code or struggle to write good code.

Many of the tech leads in some moron companies think that since they have crossed the "experience age" they should not be writing any more code but they should be dictating how to write code and integrate, some of them are good - because they keep themself informed. AS long as you do this you are fine, but suddenly - you keep architecting stuff - making diagrams and flow charts and then one fine day, when you are completely obsolete - forgot most of the language stuff and even forgot that languages and SDKs have improved, and you miss sometimes that a feature. And when you argue about it - and since he is tech lead and does not understand that developers are more close to language/sdks/libraries than he is actually then he should not make a decision that we should be using PERL instead of Java because perl has better regular expression capabilities! and at the end you end up with a code which calls perl modules to just do string manipulation! what a architecture!

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