Sunday, January 24, 2010


People either under-rate virtualization or they do not understand it. Whats your USP when you are asking people to go Virtualization way?

I believe you need to understand it very very clearly - one thing is for sure, if you have high disk i/o do not go virtualization path, but actually just have hardware which can do it... or use container based or environment based virtualization...

OpenVZ and Solaris Zones are excellent example for container based virtualization.


Anonymous said...


Have you got an idea of the date of the release of this project ?

Nice job and great idea.


Saager Mhatre said...

Solaris Zones FTW! Joyent has been making a lot of strides on this front. BTW, did you manage to check out their SmartDataCenter 6.0 device that I mentioned last we spoke?