Monday, April 30, 2007

Ubuntu.... more tweaks

So... after I installed ubuntu, I had only two issues - I did not like anti-aliasing, and it was not rendering text properly for hindi website.

Basically, I was kind of pissed, but it was okay, because I was still able to do many more things compared to what I was able to do in Windows. I finally fixed Hindi rendering issue by installing complex language support and tweaked anti-aliasing settings, inside font dialogue.

Btw - Bit stream fonts are better rendered compared to default sans font and if you change anti-aliasing settings (goto fonts -> details) then you get better results compared to earlier results. Now things are much better.

So one more thing ubuntu should do is to ask - do you have LCD/TFT/CRT monitor and should adjust anti-aliasing by default.

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ranjith said...

There is anti-aliasing in GNOME.I am not sure which Desktop env. you are using. Also, there are patches available (pls check ubuntu forum) to apply "cleartype" like font rendering under X11+Gnome.

Pankaj Jangid said...

Also it depends on how you look at it. Some people like anti-aliasing some don't.

This is also the basic philosophical difference between Max OS and Windows. Mac use anti-aliasing and windows don't. Though I don't know about current vista but it was the difference in past.

Try using safari on windows if you don't like its font rendering then you should probably stick to non anti-aliased fonts.