Monday, December 05, 2005

Long time no see! Politics...

Internal Politics exists in every company, people are in rat race and thats something not gonna change. I wonder how many people actually read AND implement "rich dad poor dad". My point is that people give lots of gyan about professional ethics and team building. But sometimes all around I see that people are just there to pull strings or climb on other's shoulder to get something done.

I see no solution to it, other than get out of this RAT Race. I can see two of my friends are trying to do it and some how I feel that they are successful, namely Rajesh and Ravi. But I seriously see a problem over here - they have done it afterwards once they have been through it and it took them a lot of time to achieve this. Instead of getting out of this RAT Race! why can't we just fix it?

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Ravi said...

Both Ravi (me) and Rajesh think they should have got out a long time ago! We both wasted precious time hoping to find a "non rat race" type environment. In retrospect that was very foolish. To misquote Alan Kay says, the best way to control the future is to invent it.

fwiw :-)